Memory-Sensitive, monograph, 2017

Recent texts

Köler Prize 2018, exhibition catalogue

When the Commonplace Becomes Compelling, essay by Jan Kaus 

Deciding Itself, essay by Margus Ott, 2016, pdf

Behind the Corner. Tarvo Varres, profile by Hanno Soans, Maja, 2014

Flaming Shadows, exhibition review by Kadri Veermäe,, 4/2015

Shadow of a Flame, press release by Hanno Soans, Echo Gone Wrong

Viis juhtmotiivi olemisest, Gregor Taul, Sirp, 23.10.2015 (in Estonian)

Mateeria ja hinge nurgad, Kaire Nurk, Sirp,  23.10.2015 (in Estonian)


Up All Night: Looking Closely at Rave Culture, 26/03/2021 – 17/10/2021, KUMU Art Museum

The X-Files (Registry of the Nineties), 02.11.18–14.04.19, KUMU Art Museum

Köler Prize 2018. Exhibition of Nominees, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia

Memory-Sensitive, 21.09—07.10, 2017, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn

Shadow of a Flame, duo with Kirke Kangro, 26.09.—18.10.2015, Tartu Art House 

Sensitive Nature of Becoming, 24.03.2015, Rundum, Tallinn

From Explosion to Expanse. Estonian Contemporary Photography 1991—2015
Curated by Anneli Porri, 20.11.2015—28.02.2016, Tartu Art Museum

1995, curated by Anders Härm, Hanno Soans, 08.08—06.09.2015, Contemporary Art Museum Estonia

Shadows of a Doubtcurated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, 2.10-27.10.2013, Tallinn Art Hall

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